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Dental Bridges in Waco, TX

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What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges replace missing teeth using a combination of crowns, bridges, and artificial teeth. Teeth surrounding damaged areas of your mouth provide support for the dental bridge. An artificial tooth, also called a pontic, fills the gap left by your missing teeth and receives support from crowns fitted to surrounding teeth, also known as abutment teeth. Dental bridges restore your beautiful smile and improve the functionality of your teeth.

If you’re seeking dental bridges in Waco, TX, trust Lake Shore Dental. Dr. Thomas Waggener and Dr. DeeAnn Kucera offer accurate diagnoses, comprehensive treatment plans, and upfront cost estimates for all dental care needs. Contact Lake Shore Dental today to speak with our friendly staff about how dental bridges benefit you.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Unlike dental implants, dental bridges in Waco, TX, require no surgery, and most dental bridge procedures require only two appointments. Our Lake Shore Dental dentists provide friendly service designed to improve your smile. Other benefits of dental bridges include:

Improved Oral Health

Missing teeth negatively affect jaw bone structure. Gaps left by missing teeth cause jaw bones to shrink, resulting in weakened bone structure and a change in the shape of your face. Dental bridges fill the gap left by missing teeth and restore jaw bone functionality. Missing teeth also expose gums to harmful bacteria and food particles, increasing the risk of gum disease. Dental bridges protect your gums and improve your overall oral health.

Improved Confidence

Our doctors at Lake Shore Dental believe everyone deserves a healthy smile. Gaps left by missing teeth affect chewing and speaking abilities, resulting in a lack of confidence and insecurity. Damaged or missing teeth cause pain while eating and produce psychological stress, and dental bridges relieve tooth pain and reduce the stress associated with tooth loss. Contact Dr. Waggener and Dr. Kucera today for an accurate diagnosis, thorough treatment plans, cost estimates, and financing options.

Long-Term Solution

Dental bridges remain functional for 5-15 years. Good oral hygiene habits increase the lifespan of dental bridges, resulting in long-lasting comfort and preventing frequent trips visiting dentists’ offices for individual tooth treatments. Crowns atop abutment teeth hold the bridge in place and strengthen surrounding teeth. Take advantage of the many benefits of dental bridges by contacting Lake Shore Dental today!

What to Expect from Dental Bridges

Dental bridges require just two appointments. Dr. Thomas Waggener and Dr. DeeAnn Kucera begin by taking impressions of your mouth, as the permanent, fixed bridge requires exact measurements to fit securely. While the lab creates your fixed bridge, a temporary bridge fills the gap left by missing teeth.

Fixed bridges typically take two weeks to create. Once finished, your new fixed bridge will replace the temporary bridge. Patients may experience mild tooth pain for the following two weeks and should avoid sharp, chewy, or hot food. The recovery period from dental bridges lasts only a short time and after which you’ll enjoy your beautiful complete smile.

Visit Us at Lake Shore Dental

Lake Shore Dental provides dental bridges in Waco, TX. To receive an accurate diagnosis, treatment plan, and answers to all your questions for the dentist, contact Lake Shore Dental. Let Dr. Waggener and Dr. Kucera restore your beautiful smile today!

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