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Dental Technology

Dr. Waggener and Dr. Kucera pride themselves on keeping up with the latest technology available in the dental industry. Our Waco dentist office uses digital x-rays, IntraOral cameras, and other cutting-edge modern tech to make your dental procedures as thorough and painless as possible. Lake Shore Dental is proud to provide our patients in Waco and surrounding areas these technologies to assist in improving their dental health.

Digital X - Rays

This exciting new technology is gaining popularity and most dentists are switching from a film based image capturing system to digital radiography.

We use computerized equipment and software to capture x-ray images of your dental cavity. This technology allows us to expose a small sensory plate to capture acceptable images of your mouth and teeth. These images are then processed with the aid of a computer and monitor. Unlike traditional x-rays that require time for the film to be chemically processed, the process of the digital tech is fast with x-rays available within moments on the monitor making the amount of time you spend in the dentist chair even shorter!

Digital radiography offers superiority and benefits that traditional dental x-rays can’t deliver:

  • It saves time. Images are in electronic form and can be viewed with a few mouse clicks.
  • It’s safer with no chemical processing and reduction in radiation dose to patients.
  • It has an ability to incorporate radiographic images with digital images for patient education and treatment plan presentation.
  • We can enhance images to improve viewing.
  • Images are convenient since it is saved in digital form and transmitted electronically for patient consults or insurance claims.
  • Immediate and comfortable
  • It is environment-friendly for not depending on chemicals to completely acquire x-rays images. The unit is ultra sensitive that the amount of x-ray radiation is reduced up to 80% versus traditional x-rays.

Digital x-ray technology enables improved diagnostic accuracy. Images are large enough to view that allows us to make adjustments and see details in the x-ray high resolution images. These x-ray images can become a part of your dental record and conveniently emailed to medical specialists and insurance firms. It enhances our communication with patients due to its ability to view and print radiographic images for presentation of treatment plan. You won’t go wrong with digital radiography–making your dental treatment and diagnosis faster and safer at Lake Shore Dental in Waco TX!


Our advanced cavity detection device allows our dentists catch decay in the earliest stages to help protect the natural tooth and it’s also a money-saver for patients!

DIAGNOdent is an advanced laser technology that assists in detection of tooth decay. It complements the use of visual examination by the dentist, dental explorers, and x-rays.

Visual examination and dental explorers are often utilized to find decay forming on the surfaces of the teeth. We may also employ x-rays to see hard-to-find advanced decay between teeth. We include DIAGNOdent to locate decay concealed inside the tooth where other methods of visual examination, dental explorers, and x-rays can’t uncover.

How does DIAGNOdent work?

The tip of the DIAGNOdent handpiece emits harmless pulses of laser light to scan your teeth. Once the laser reaches decay under the surface of the tooth, the decay produces a fluorescent light. This fluorescent light deflects back to the sensor that is translated into a digital readout and an audible signal. As a whole, the higher the number of the digital readout then the greater the amount of decay in the tooth.

DIAGNOdent is more accurate and reliable method to find decay in its earliest stages before it causes more widespread damage. We are able to treat your tooth at risk of needing more considerable and expensive treatment when tooth decays are detection early. You’ll be able to retain more of your own natural, healthy tooth while spending less for the restoration of your teeth.

To learn more about our advanced cavity detection, call our Waco dentist office today!

IntraOral Camera

Lake Shore Dental is equipped with an IntraOral camera which is a powerful tool in dentistry that illuminates the structures in your mouth. The IntraOral camera handpiece is lightweight and is the size and shape of a dental mirror. This handy tool has built-in light source making it easy to view videos and still pictures.

We can give you a video tour of the entire oral cavity and take a closer look by zooming in on one tooth to another! The images are shown on a television or computer monitor. In this way, you and our dentist will be able to see problems in the likes of cracked teeth, damaged fillings, plaques deposits, gum disease, excessive wear, or cavities close to fillings. When your dental condition is restored to its healthy state, the IntraOral camera enables you to examine your renewed teeth.

The images captured with an IntraOral camera can be printed out for you as your dental record or emailed to specialists and for insurance claims. 

The IntraOral camera lets you have an active part in your dental treatment and allows you to be an active partner in your dental treatment by enabling you to see what we see inside your mouth. You gain confidence and a clear understanding to make wise choices about your dental treatment.

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