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Dental Bonding in Waco, TX

Dental bonding procedure showcased at Lake Shore Dental, Waco

Are your teeth keeping you from smiling due to discoloration, stains, small chips, cracks, or gaps? If so, dental bonding could be the solution you’re looking for! Besides improving your smile and self-confidence, this cosmetic dental procedure can also improve your oral health.

Lake Shore Dental offers dental bonding in Waco, TX. The procedure is quick, comfortable, and affordable.

Understanding the Dental Bonding Treatment

Dental bonding is a simpler, quicker, and less expensive technique to give you a perfect smile than dental veneers and crowns. It involves using a material known as composite resin, which comprises fine particles of glass and acrylic.

Dr. Waggener and Dr. Kucera will sculpt and bond it to your natural tooth to mask any imperfections. The dentists can customize the bonding material to match the shade of your natural teeth, making your smile appear as natural as possible.

Dental bonding is excellent for correcting various cosmetic dental issues, including:

  • Discolored teeth: Bonding can help if regular teeth whitening solutions have been ineffective.
  • Chipped or cracked teeth: The bonding material can effectively repair chips and conceal cracks.
  • Spaces and gaps: If you have a gap or space between your front teeth due to tooth loss or extraction, Dr. Waggener and Dr. Kucera can fill it with dental bonding.
  • Uneven teeth: If some of your teeth are smaller, bonding can help make the irregularly sized teeth resemble the rest.

The first step of a dental bonding procedure is a consultation appointment with our dentists. During the consultation, Dr. Waggener and Dr. Kucera will determine if you can benefit from dental bonding and discuss your options.

After deciding that the procedure is right for you, our dentists will choose a composite resin that matches your natural teeth and proceed to prepare it. As the dentists prepare the bonding material, they will clean your tooth’s surface and scrub it to create a rough surface to which the bonding will adhere.

Dr. Waggener and Dr. Kucera will apply the composite resin to the affected tooth and then mold it. Next, they will put a heatless ultraviolet light on the area to harden the resin. The last step involves polishing and buffing the bonding material to resemble your natural teeth.

If you need your teeth whitened or repaired, contact Lake Shore Dental for dental bonding in Waco, TX.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding has numerous benefits, including:

  • The minimally invasive procedure has no pain
  • The procedure is quick, and a single session usually lasts 30-60 minutes
  • It is possible to mold the composite resin in any shape or size
  • You can enjoy a beautiful smile for up to seven years with proper dental care.
  • Many insurance companies cover the procedure
  • After the procedure, it is difficult to differentiate between the bonding and your natural teeth.

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To learn more about dental bonding in Waco, TX, contact Lake Shore Dental today to schedule an appointment with certified bonding dentists. Dr. Thomas Waggener and Dr. DeeAnn Kucera are pleased to serve patients throughout Waco, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

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