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Plaque Build-Up on Teeth: Root Causes and How to Avoid It

Close-up shot of a person's smile with focus on teeth, overlay text about how to avoid plaque build-up.

Plaque problems pester practically everyone, but what prompts this pesky build-up on our pearly whites? It’s more than leftover lunch lurking between your teeth. Plaque’s origins and our battle against it are rooted in biology, diet, and daily habits. As dental professionals, we’re keen to explain the causes and share strategies to stall this sticky […]

Which Toothbrush Bristle Is Right For You: Soft, Medium, Or Hard

Informative guide on choosing the right toothbrush bristle - soft, medium, or hard at Lake Shore Dental, Waco

Brushing our teeth is a basic daily ritual we all partake in, but have you ever pondered the particulars of your toothbrush? Bristles come in various levels of firmness – soft, medium, or hard – and choosing the correct one can make a significant difference to your oral health. At Lake Shore Dental in Waco, […]

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